The Equivocation of Darth Brawn

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After Sunday’s rather peculiar Spanish Grand Prix, Ross Brawn has stated that his team does not have a number one and a number two driver. Can that possibly be true?


Brawn GP driver Rubens Barrichello was visibly upset after losing the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday to teammate Jenson Button, following a change of strategy. The rumors have immediately spread that similarly to Barrichello’s previous tenure under Brawn at Ferrari, he was subjected to team orders which put Button—who leads the championship ahead of the veteran Brazilian—on top.

Team owner Ross Brawn has told BBC Radio 5 that they “don’t have a one and a two driver,” and that Button and Barrichello are “on equal terms and conditions.”

The thing with team orders though is that they are absolutely impossible to detect. So while Brawn might be telling the truth here, we will never know. Or as commentator—and former F1 driver and Le Mans winner—Martin Brundle put it: “I don’t think the team have made a clear decision to treat Button as their number one driver but it may be a subconscious one.”

There is no peeking inside Brawn’s brain. Still, armed with nothing but a box of Crayolas, we try.

Source: BBC


Who's the guy saying "Four", and why is he there?

Yeah, it kinda looks like team orders, but then again, Jenson was 1 second per lap quicker on the hard tire than every one else, including Rubens.