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The Electric Volvo XC40 Gets A Frunk

Illustration for article titled The Electric Volvo XC40 Gets A Frunk
Image: Volvo

Volvo’s first fully-electric car, the XC40, has been setting the rumor mill alight this year, with most of its details shrouded in speculation. But now we have some of the emerging info, and I am very pleased to announce that, yes, the electric XC40 will have a frunk.


The world premiere isn’t until October 16, but Volvo has decided to whet our appetite with a few teasers in the meantime. Without a combustion engine taking up all that space in the front of the car, there’s space for more storage: 30 liters (or 1.05 cubic feet) of it, to be exact.

I know, I know—it doesn’t sound like a ton of space. You won’t be able to stick a body in there or anything, but it’s perfect for the little things, like purses or standard-sized backpacks. It could also be your vehicular snack drawer for long drives. Fill it with ice, now it’s a cooler, and suddenly your electric car is the star of the tailgate. Use it to store your take-home meals so that your extra-garlic garlic bread doesn’t stink up the whole cabin. The opportunities here are endless!

Illustration for article titled The Electric Volvo XC40 Gets A Frunk
Image: Volvo

The front grille is another really neat element of this car. Grilles are kind of pointless in electric cars, since they don’t have anything to cool. So, Volvo went ahead and got rid of it, replacing it instead with a body panel the same color of the rest of the car. It’s a sleek use of space.

Aside from that, Volvo’s press release doesn’t dive too deep into anything more concrete. We’ll just have to be patient and wait two weeks before we’re able to see this bad boy in full swing.

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Maybe YOU won’t be able to stick a body in there.