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Delphi's kinda like that kid in class who never seems to be able to get his math homework in on time, with assignment after assignment piling up on top of each other. One day, the kid finds himself with a seemingly insurmountable mountain of homework and missed assignments to do. And then he's gotta choose — do all of them in a week-long orgy of work or run off with his buddy Visteon to smoke a joint and eventually drop out of school, wandering aimlessly through life from one dead-beat OEM to another? And to think, this decision coulda been averted if only the parents had realized little Delphi had a learning disability. They totally could have called Sylvan Learning Centers and then gotten the little auto supplier some Ritalin. Oh, we see — it was a single parent household — in that case, GM maybe should have provided a bit more care and affection. Maybe then they would have gotten their accounting straight and not missed providing fiscal year end and quarterly audited statements to the SEC. Now they'll just be out on the street.

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