The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Is Totally Coming

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Dodge regularly gives its muscle cars both cosmetic and mechanical makeovers on top of their same, ancient roots, and we eat it up. We really do. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Thus, Dodge keeps pumping new ideas out, like a potential wide-body version of its 707-horsepower Charger SRT Hellcat.


Stop trying to hide it. You know you haven’t been this excited for fender flares since, well, ever. Embrace your allegiance to the ever-aging Dodge lineup that somehow still feels new and exciting every time there’s a minor tweak.

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t officially announced a wide-bodied Charger Hellcat yet (a wide-body Challenger Hellcat has been around for a while, because that car often gets more of the love in the features department), but instead posted a video called “Something big is coming...” on Wednesday. It’s a fitting title.

The video shows a Charger Hellcat hidden by a white sheet—hinted at by the very obvious SRT and Hellcat logos showing through—and says a lot over the course of 14 seconds:

Just behind the headlight on the viewer’s left, there’s the curved bulge we all know so well: massive fender flares, which aren’t currently an option on the Charger. The sheet begins to lift off toward the end of the video, with the screen going black just before its bottom lip uncovers the front fender.

A wide-body Charger “concept” that Dodge showed off earlier this year.
A wide-body Charger “concept” that Dodge showed off earlier this year.
Image: FCA

Dodge debuted a wide-body Charger “concept” earlier this year, only adding to the idea that a production version of the age-old modification was inevitable. It remains inevitable—just more real, now that Dodge seems to be teasing us with it. The video didn’t say anything about a release date or other details on the car, aside from the fact that something is “coming soon.”


Go ahead with your bad self, Dodge. Slap some fender flares on the same old car we’re more than acquainted with, and we’ll squeal and clap like it’s the greatest thing since the last minor modification you put into your muscle car lineup(s). That’s just how this relationship works.

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