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The Coolest Yellow Cars Of All Time

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Last month Patrick asked you for your greatest blue cars of all time. Blue sure is fine and dandy, of course. Looks great in the sky, in the water, and on a WRX. I like yellow, though. Yellow is bright and flashy, but it doesn't have the pitfalls of some other loud colors. If you put it on the wrong vehicle, however, you'll end up with a school bus or taxi.


The Lamborghini Murcielago was yellow when it debuted, right from the initial press shots. Looking as fluid as if it was still sitting in the bucket, the yellow jumps out and says HERE I AM, A BIG CRAZY LAMBORGHINI. And it ain't Ferrari red.


Yellow can range from the dusty hue on a 1970s Trans Am to an almost orange tone used on many hot rods, but I think a truly yellowy-yellow is the best yellow there is. Show us your favorite yellow cars in the comments!

Photo credit Axion23

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Jason Torchinsky

You know where I'm going with this:

and my Scimitar:

I love yellow cars.