The Greatest Blue Cars Of All Time

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A few weeks ago, I asked you to show us the greatest brown cars of all time. We like brown because it's classy, understated and not terribly common. So now let's shift gears a bit and focus on a color that is a little more commonplace, but isn't often done right. How about the prettiest blue cars of all time?

I'll openly admit to some bias on this question because I used to own a world rally blue Subaru WRX. I've always thought it was a great shade of blue, and "the" color to have if you owned a 'Rex.

WRX owners were usually either fellow hoons or just normal guys and gals who wanted a practical, sporty car that could handle bad weather. Blue owners typically fell into the former category. They were the ones who waved back to you on the road.


On its own, it's probably my favorite blue on any car, though I'm partial to midnight blue as well. Show us your favorite blue cars in the comments!

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