The Coolest Police Cars Of All Time

We've been talking about cop cars a lot lately, haven't we? First there was all of the ridiculous patrol cars used by the cops in Dubai, and then there was the Seattle cop who rides around in a restored 1970 Plymouth cruiser.


I'd say now is a good time for you fine people to chime in as well. Go ahead and show us your favorite police cars.

The other day I was reading about how the Porsche 912 (the four-cylinder variant of the 911 for you plebes) was a popular police car in Europe. That's an undeniably kickass police car.

So are all the fancy Lamborghinis and Ferraris they use in Dubai and Italy and other places. But for me personally, I wouldn't want to ever see an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R in my rearview mirror, like the one pictured above. Regardless of what laws you broke, that won't end well for you.

Your turn. Show us the greatest cop cars of all time. Feel free to include your favorite excuses for getting out of tickets, too.


Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

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