The Callaway C7 Corvette Shooting Brake Conversion Is Real, Rejoice!

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Remember tuner Callaway Car’s promise to bring a shooting brake styled C7 Corvette into our garages all the way back in 2013? Well it’s actually happening, sucker. The Corvette Aerowagon will begin deliveries this fall and almost nothing else matters at this very moment.

In the faraway land of 2013 times, Callaway displayed the Aerowagon Stingray Corvette as a concept with a promise to produce it if there was a sufficient demand, likely somewhere in the ballpark of $15,000.


AutoGuide now reports that the Aerowagon is go, meaning you can take your stock C7 ‘Vette and have the cooks at Callaway make you a hatchback, shooting brake, carbon fiber additional delight.

The greatest part is that the conversion is completely reversible—not that you should ever, ever want to undue the rarity of good a shooting brake Stingray does for this world.


There’s still no official word on pricing but coommmeee ooonnnnn. It’s practically priceless.