The Callaway C21 AeroWagon Is The Corvette Stingray Shooting Brake We Need

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The new Corvette Stingray looks like it's from 30 years into the future compared to the outgoing C6 Corvette. Inside and out, it's a pretty sharp car. But you know what would be even more wonderful? If it also came in that most under-appreciated of bodystyles, the shooting brake.

Fortunately, Chevy tuner Callaway Cars has a solution to this problem. They recently unveiled the concept drawings for a car they call the C21 AeroWagon, and it's the Stingray Shooting Brake we've all been dreaming about. (Or at least, the one I've been dreaming about.) I like it. It reminds me of the Ferrari FF, but much sharper and more attractive.

According to MotorAuthority, the AeroWagon kit could be produced if there's sufficient demand, and it would cost no more than $15,000. Hey prospective C7 buyers: would you go for this?

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Mr. Sinister

I love wagons, always have. I've owned a fully STI-ized 2005 Forester XT (which surprised more than a couple of Porsche owners on a back road), a 2005 Legacy GT (stock with a Cobb Accessport), and a 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T (with a K&N CAI, Magnaflow catback, and Superchips canned tune). The Forester was the only one I bought new, if you're wondering why they were all 05 models.

Anyway, wagons have a great purpose: To be useful and versatile while not being a boxy-monstrosity of an SUV. Long cars with a hatchback, and room for the kids and gear.

But other than looking cool (and it does look cool), what is the point of these Shooting Brake concepts everyone has such a raging erection over lately? I don't see how they add much in the way of practicality, and if you're worried about practicality, why did you buy a sports car in the first place? Most of the cars I've seen the Shooting Brake treatment done on are pretty expensive (save for the awesome looking FR-S concept), so I would imagine most folks can afford something more sensible to drive every day, in addition to having their fun sports car.

Not knocking them, because as I said, most Shooting Brake concepts do look cool. I just don't see the point.