The Buick Cascada Has Been Put Out Of Its Misery

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Well, it finally happened. The Buick Cascada—which has been rumored to fall off the production line just about any day now—is dead. It’s time to wave goodbye to the plump convertible that never really warranted anything more exciting than a shrug and a ‘meh, I mean, it’s OK.


Opel announced last year that the Cascada would cease production at the Gliwice, Poland plant sometime in 2019. And that “sometime” is now, GM Authority reports.

There are plenty of variants of the Cascada: it’s called the Buick Cascada in the US, the Opel Cascada in certain European countries, the Holden Cascada in New Zealand and Australia, and the Vauxhall Cascada in the UK. But no one, anywhere, was particularly interested in literally anything this convertible had to offer.

From Motor1:

2016 was its first (and best) year on the U.S. scene, generating 7,153 units. Demand for the convertible gradually decreased as the years went by, dropping to 5,595 in 2017, 4,136 in 2018, and to just 2,458 cars so far this year.

That is, in fact, one hell of a ‘meh’ car.

I will admit that it has uniqueness going for it. I can’t say I’ve ever imagined making a convertible out of my otherwise entirely nondescript sedan—but someone out there did because some designers are far more courageous than I.


It is so often the case that no one appreciates the art until the artist has died. Unfortunately, I can’t say this will likely be the case with the Cascada.

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That’s kinda sad. We need more convertibles. Somebody parked one of these at my work recently and I didn’t even know they existed until then. Maybe nobody bought them because nobody else knew about them.