The Buick Cascada, a Certified Meh Car, Is Dead

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As Jalopnik’s resident Buick owner, I should probably have a little bit of sympathy for the death of the Cascada, as reported by Automotive News, but I absolutely don’t. While I absolutely adore my Regal TourX, I feel nothing for this compact convertible. It doesn’t mesh with the rest of the Buick lineup, it isn’t particularly good at anything, and the company has only sold about 17,000 units since it was introduced in early 2016. It deserved to die.

Goodbye Cascada, you’ve been cancelled.


The Polish-built Opel-based Buick is being phased out of production altogether. It’s not just that Americans don’t like this thing, but the Europeans that Opel ostensibly built this for don’t even like it. Since Opel (and Vauxhall) were sold off to the French PSA group, the company has been restructuring its lineup to focus on high volume segments. As a result, the Cascada is going away, as well as the Opel Adam (RIP) and the Opel KARL.

I am a little bit sad about the Opel Adam going away, because that’s actually kind of a cool subcompact. The KARL was always a weird semi-crossover lifted 5-door city car that never really appealed in a similar way to the Cascada.

Interestingly, with the Cascada gone, GM only sells two convertibles worldwide; the Corvette and the Camaro.