The Bugatti L'Or Blanc is the world's most delicate supercar

For those who believe Bugatti creates expensive pieces of furniture masquerading as super cars, this will only add to their fire: The Bugatti L'Or Blanc, a partnership with a Berlin porcelain maker to create the world's most delicate Veyron.


Starting with a Veyron Grand Sports, the Bugatti has been detailed with a dozen porcelain inlays on the wheels, fuel cap and dashboard. The white-and-blue paint scheme - painstakingly crafted with special techniques to eliminate surface lines between the colors - reflects either the lights of a studio or the curves of Italy's Stelvio Pass, and was applied by hand over three weeks.

The L'Or Blanc has been sold, so its appearance at The Quail gathering in Monterey was a loan - one that Bugatti was protecting with these special Bugatti slippers for visitors who wanted to step into the light, until someone used them to step off the platform.

Even at the festival of wealth that is Monterey, Bugatti's contention that a single blade of grass constitutes an unacceptable contamination hits a new extreme in obsession. Would you risk damaging a porcelain Bugatti that cost someone $2.3 million?


Not for all the tea in China.

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