White used to be the color of appliances. Of refrigerators, of microwaves, of things you used that have a utilitarian purpose, and nothing more. Now though, things are different. White is the color of supercars and hypercars, of showing off and looking oh-so-good.

About this time last year a designer at BMW said that Apple, an electronics company in California, is the reason for the sudden resurgence of white cars, as opposed to green cars, yellow cars, blue cars, and brown cars. I disagree.

Based on my completely non-scientific calculations, I have surmised that white has started to show up on the fastest cars in the world as their lines become more angular, and more dramatic. The white of their paint helps them pop out even more. Plus, it doesn't hurt that white looks incredibly good when contrasted with black wheels. People see white Lamborghinis, and think that would look pretty good on their Toyota. And voila, white cars.

Speaking of Lamborghinis, doesn't white look damn good on that Aventador? What do you think? Show us the best white cars!


Photo credit: Ed Callow