The Best SUVs Of All Time

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I don't like SUVs. I don't like the compromises that come with choosing one over a wagon or a proper off-roader, and I don't like their size. However, I do like the classic Range Rover very-very much indeed, so there's always an exception.


Yes, King Khalid's falcon-hunting monster wagon was awesome. So was the Bentley Dominator, if you were into secret cars. But what do you think is the all-time classic best SUV?

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It's the Jeep Cherokee SE/Sport 2-door, with the old 4.0L inline 6.

It's extremely solid, requires very little modification to be reliable off-road. (skid plates, better tires) Pretty comfortable on the road. Lots of space in the back to sleep or haul stuff around when you fold the back seats down. 2-door was more structurally rigid, but less popular.