The Best Renders Of The 2014.5 Mustang

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Aside from pumping fresh, piping-hot pornography right into your home, you know what else the Internet is good for? I mean, other than Jalopnik?

Delivering speculative renders and drawings of the 2014 Ford Mustang (or 2015 Mustang, or 2014.5 Mustang). Let's gather all the best ones in a single place.

Ever since everyone realized that there would be another Mustang design, the sheer number of ideas, speculations, guesses, and wishes have been converted into pixels and uploaded into the big orbiting satellite (we used to call it the Mir, when it had people) that contains the Internet.


Ford isn't talking about what the next Mustang will look like — we even have J Mays, their head of design, saying so on video, if you like your lack of information to come right from the original source — but most of us who pretend to know something think it won't be another retro-inspired take but rather look more like the Ford Evos concept.

The absence of information just feeds the dreams of the artists and designers rendering these things, and that's kind of great.

What I'd like to do here in the discussion is see just how many different 2015 Mustangs readers can upload — by the end of today, this page should be a colossal garage of Mustangs That Will Never Be. But I bet looking at all of them in one place we can get a feel for what the car community as a whole is hoping it will be.


When the actual Mustang is revealed, it'll be especially interesting to go back and look at what we've collected here, and see if we're pleased, livid, or maybe realizing that you the Mustang II totally deserved a comeback.

Anyway, throw your favorite Next Mustang in Kinja and let's see what we've got!

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Raphael Orlove

Someone who has seen the 2015 Mustang said this was the closest he'd seen as far as renderings go. He stated "The green one is very very close to what they showed me. Except the fogs were the little round ones and the wheels were very similar to the 2012/13. The mirrors were shaped different but the side molding is spot on."