The Average Bugatti Owner Has Three Jets, One Yacht, And 84 (!!!) Cars

The Bugatti Veyron has a bit of a reputation for being a bad investment, at least among in-the-know car enthusiasts. But it's hard to judge a Veyron purchase, because it's hard to even wrap your head around how rich their buyers are.


Bloomberg recently published a report detailing the current state of the brand and how it fits into VW's brand hierarchy. The best line is right at the end, from Bugatti's current head honcho (and Bentley boss) Wolfgang Dürheimer.

The Bentley customer on average owns 8 cars. The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht."

Excuse me, 84 cars? 84? There is no room in my brain for that many cars. I try and put a dream car garage together and I lose my train of thought at around a half-dozen.

So a new Veyron might run you about $1.85 million and it might face heavy depreciation after that initial purchase. I can understand that being a concern for your first car. I can understand that being a concern for your 10th car, or your 20th. But when you're thinking of sticking number 84 in your sixth garage outside your Hong Kong apartment? How much justification do you need for that other than "it looks pretty, it's crazy fast and I want it?"


I shouldn't postulate about it, really. I simply can't begin to comprehend what it must be like with that much wealth.


Photo Credits: Bugatti

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