An English man drives the new Aston Martin DB11 V8 down to a dead end on a mountain road through all sorts of weather, dodges cows, gets lost, and comes to terms with the color purple.


Frankly, it was a little shocking when Aston Martin revealed it was going full-fuck-it and engineered an all-new V12 engine, which it put in a special new car it labeled the DB11. This car is good. But now Aston has brought over and modified an AMG V8 to introduce a more affordable model that’s nearly entirely as much fun, as Carfection’s Henry Catchpole concedes in his latest video:

The good news for Aston Martin is that people with money tend to like to spend money, particularly on whatever has the biggest sounding name with the most power. Thankfully that means we keep the good DB11 V12 and also can have the great DB11 V8.

With only a 18 lb-ft difference in torque between the two different models, the V8 feels surprisingly competitive with its V12 big-bro. Now it just comes down to how you want to answer the question people will constantly be asking you.

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