Photos: Aston Martin

If you really can’t stretch the $16,000 difference, Aston Martin has developed a second DB11 model with only a 4.0 liter V8 and a cheaper starting cost of just $198,995. Don’t feel bad, it’s still a thing of beauty.

The 2018 DB11's new V8 is no slouch with around 500 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque. The engine is also snuggled deeper behind the front wheels, and since it takes up less room than the V12 you’ll hope nobody mentions when you arrive in your new V8, the new model also drops about 250 pounds. Aston claims the V8 model tops out at 187 mph and can snap up to 62 mph from zero in just four seconds.


There are a few minor cosmetic differences between the models—the V8 only gets two holes cutting into the clam-shell bonnet compared to the four on the V12, as well as some unique wheel finishes and darker headlight housings. Inside, everything else is just about the same, and you get the familiarly insane amount of customization available on the heftier sibling.

All-in-all, the subtle cosmetic finishes and the freshly tuned engine change make for a cleaner look and what Aston claims to be a sportier experience. I find it interesting that the release images for the V8 DB11 feature a car optioned with a body-colored roof panel and body-colored, uh, whatever those roof swoops are called. Perhaps Aston is aware of how polarizing that look was when the V12 DB11 was introduced.

Either way, yeah, the car sure is stunning. I am curious how many people can afford a $200,000 car that aren’t willing to shill a few dozen-thousand more the V12, but then again I’ll never be rich enough for that problem and the driving experience may truly be distinctly different.