The Amazing DIY Porsche Dream Garage

It's not just that Jack Olsen has one of the nicest Porsches ever made. It's not just that he houses it in a small home garage with its own lift. It's that he did it himself, for much less than you imagine.


Jack Olsen's 12-gauge garage would be amazing all on its own, but it's stunning how much Olsen could get done with limited space (who else has their own lift in such a small spot) and limited resources (he even repurposed flat-pack furniture for his workspace). Even the lift he got second hand at the princely sum of $455. It comes together into what might be the tidiest garage in the country.

His Porsche 911 follows the same ethos — it's an amazing car in its own right, but Olsen didn't just build it to look good or go fast. He built it to last and he did the work himself.

The brakes, for instance, come off of a 1980s 911 Turbo. They're oversized, which let him go 11 years on a single set of rotors.

The engine comes out of a 993, but it makes 270hp (no small thing for a light old Porsche), and it's all stock.


The wing gets him an an extra second and a half out of his lap time at Willow Springs, and he made it all out of beer cooler foam and roofing aluminum. He probably sunk $80 in the whole aero package.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a more inspired one car garage in my life.


Matt Hardigree

I've invited Jack to come in here and answer any questions you have about the car or the garage.