Damn, it looks like I may owe Alfa Romeo an apology. See, I, like almost everyone else, seems to have assumed that their new crossover, the Tonale, would just be a sort of half-ass re-badging of a Renegade. I even made a silly graphic to that effect on that other story there. Well, thanks once again to our bold Greek friends at Autoblog Greece, I now know that I’m very wrong. I know this because they have pictures of the car before it’s officially to be shown, and it doesn’t look like a re-badged Renegade at all.

Now, to be fair, it’s still very likely based on the Rengade platform, in some context, but the design of the Alfa is significantly different. Most notably, it appears much larger, with a much longer front overhang, a longer hood, and what appears to be a longer body overall.


The wheelbase may be the same, but the overall effect is dramatically different than the Renegade.

The picture we have is pretty blurry, but it gives a good sense of the general look and proportions of the crossover. Some frontal details, like the headlamp design and some general grille-shape detail can be seen under the sheets:

It looks like there’s six DRLs making angular headlamp shapes of descending size from center outward, and a large, prominent Alfa triangular grille at the center.

We’ll get to see it better soon, but for now, all we need to know is that it won’t look like a Renegade with a triangular grille and a badge of a snake eating a dude.


(Thanks to Autoblog.gr for the scoop and the pics!)

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