‘Alfa Romeo Tonale Leaks’ Is Your Most Disturbing Sounding Car Phrase of the Day

I’m sure it won’t actually look like this
I’m sure it won’t actually look like this

The Greek division of Autoblog hires some ballsy writers, since they managed to get into the Geneva Auto Show a bit earlier than everyone else, where they saw the Alfa Romeo booth being put together. In that booth they saw a big sign that revealed Alfa’s new, very likely Renegade-based small crossover’s name. It’s Tonale.


The booth just had an actual Jeep Renegade on the stand, which was likely standing in for the Tonale, pretty much confirming that the new crossover will be a re-badged and likely re-bodied Renegade.

The name “Tonale” could be from the Italian word “tonale,” which just means a musical tone, or, more likely, is in reference to Italy’s Tonale Pass, a mountain pass in Northern Italy that is known for skiing and I suppose is a likely place buyers of Alfa Romeo Tonales may take their all-wheel-drive little crossovers, with skis on the roof and many sweaters packed in the hatch.

So, there you go: It’ll be an Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Now I want tamales for lunch.

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I was very disappointed when I realized that that image was photoshopped and that the real Alpha Romeo Tamale won’t look like that.