The Acura Integra Is Still One Of America's Top-Ten Most-Stolen Cars

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The Acura Integra, a car that went out of production in 2001, is still on America's top-ten most-stolen cars list.


USA Today reports this information from LoJack, which tracks the rate of thefts and recoveries on cars equipped with its tracking device. Coming in at number six, Acura Integras are stolen more often than everything but the Accord, the Civic, the Camry, the Corolla, and the Chevy Silverado.

There are a number of different groups that measure car theft rates, and each group seems to turn up with different results (last year's IIHS report was entirely composed of trucks and SUVs), so the Acura may not top all lists.

What's amazing is that even the youngest Integra is just turning 13 years old, and the most ancient models hail from 1985. They sold very well because they were reliable, handsome, affordable, came with good engines and were good to drive.

I'd bet these qualities make them still so attractive to thieves. Well, that and you can poach their engines and cram them into even cheaper old Hondas.

If this isn't the most roundabout kind of positive appraisal for the Integra, that people still want to have these things years after they're off the market, I don't know what is.


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This car has basically been in that list since the dawn of time. The reason why, and I'm sure I will get a ton of hatemail for this but I don't really care, is the honda community is full of backstabbing thieves and ripoffs who steal each others cars, chop them up and sell the parts on craigslist or build up their own cars with them.

Any time I ever have the pleasure of seeing a real Integra Type R in person I just remind myself that theirs two types of ITR's. The ones that have been stolen, and the ones that are about to be stolen.