The 600 Horsepower Polestar 1 Will Cost An Eye-Watering $155,000

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The Polestar 1 is shaping up to be a 600 horsepower hybrid monster that’s kinda-sorta from Volvo. Since most people will just assume it’s a Volvo, how much do you think even the best Volvo would cost? $85,000? $90,000? No. It’ll cost $155,000. And that’s just to start.

Polestar reps have told us that Polestar is separate from Volvo. Somewhat. The best analogy we’ve heard is that it’s supposed to be the Lexus to Volvo’s Toyota, even though Volvo already competes with Lexus. So it’s supposed to be even more Lexus-y than Lexus, in a way. And while the Polestar 1 is bang on the money for a Volvo S90 coupe, we’ve been told that the forthcoming Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 (a fully electric mid-size sedan and a fully-electric SUV, respectively), are supposed to significantly depart from what Volvo does already.

But if you understand what the Polestar 1 is made of, you will see that the specs at least point to it being more than a Volvo. The body, for instance, is made of carbon fiber, which helps to put 52 percent of the weight over the rear axle. It’ll have something called “Öhlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension,” which will not only (rather obviously) be made by famed Swedish suspension company Öhlins, but will also be able to react to the road in a scant 2 milliseconds. It’ll have 15.7-inch brake discs from Akebono in Japan, with six-piston calipers.


And did I mention the 600 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque? And the 93-mile all-electric range before the gasoline engine kicks in?

Of course, that price range also puts you into some fierce competition. There’s the Mercedes S-Class Coupe or the AMG GT. The BMW M8 will probably be around there, too. The Porsche 911 Turbo and the 911 GT3 come close as well. If there are a ton of options available, it may even come close to Bentley Continental GT money.

There is a bit of an elephant in the room, however, with the announcement of the Polestar 1's pricing. If you don’t like the $155,000 sticker, you’ll be able to get it on a subscription model for a flat monthly fee, which we understand is going to be like Care by Volvo.

I’ll take two, please.

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Again, with the rich-people toys. Where are so many people making so much money to have this much disposable income? Are there really that many people with that much independent wealth that can just casually buy a volvo-but-not-a-volvo coupe that costs more than my 2400 square foot 2-story house?