The $59,995 C8 Corvettes Are 'Virtually Non-Existent' At Dealers: Report

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I’ve a thought about the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and it’s this: the car is really great at a lot of things, but perhaps its biggest draw is that it’s a 500-horsepower, V8 midship sports car for under $60,000. There’s just one problem. It doesn’t seem like there are any for that cheap anywhere.


We reported the new mid-engine Corvette to start at an astonishing $59,995. But now that production delays are behind us and deliveries have finally begun, Cars Direct reports these base-model cars are “virtually non-existent.” The site’s analysts apparently are having trouble either finding a car at that price or one that hasn’t already been sold by a dealer.

It parsed Autotrader and pulled up 291 C8s for sale in the country. The cheapest one is in Miami, Florida, which is black with a red interior and carries an MSRP tag of $67,295.

But the site also suggests the reason for a lack of base models is because dealers generally get more optioned-out models first when a car is new. “[We] generally find that dealers receive well-equipped styles first when an important model is redesigned,” it writes.

Strangely, though:

We’re also finding that a number of listings online appear to be for cars that have already been sold.

These are sometimes marked “Sold” or “Sold Order,” but could potentially not be labeled at all. With production reportedly cut by 20%, we expect most C8s to sell out almost as soon as they arrive. Some dealers are even resorting to auction site eBay to get the most they can for Chevy’s newest sports car.

... the fact that the car can command a premium is a clear indicator of just how sought-after the car is. Chevy managed to receive 37,000 reservations for the C8 late last year, leading some to conclude that the car was sold out. However, shoppers should be aware that not every reservation may translate to a sale.

As a result, the chances of finding a C8 could be greater than some might think for those willing to pay the right price.

For those looking for a deal, I feel you. I live for deals. I will drive half a block further if it means saving a few cents per gallon of gas. But the fact of the matter is that the C8 Corvette is too new and too in-demand right now for there to be any sort of discount. There aren’t any incentives yet.

So if you are looking to bring home America’s sports car for under $60,000, you might find yourself waiting a bit longer.


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Do base models generally exist in large numbers for anything other than econoboxes?

It’s crazy that the Corvette’s base price was below $60k. It’s not at all shocking that very few exist. I have news about trying to find a Porsche Cayman under $60k...

Saying that a better optioned model isn’t still a great deal misses the whole point.