The 38 Coolest Porsche Racing Posters Ever

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While digging up pictures of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid this morning, we wandered into Porsche's German press site. The image archive stopped us in our tracks. Amazing gallery of colorful, high-quality poster pr0n below.


For the past fifty years, Porsche has been in the habit of producing or commissioning artful posters to commemorate its motorsport success. Most of these posters have been limited in production, offered only to dealers, racing teams, and valued customers. They are both iconic and delightfully timeless, the type of stuff that you find appealing whether you dig Porsches or not. For the most part, however, they aren't available to the general public. A few have been licensed for reproduction, and Porsche occasionally whips up a batch of the more common ones, but most exist only on dealer walls and in the garages or libraries of collectors.

On that note, screw elitism: Here's the biggest gathering of high-res poster scans we've come across. All of them came from Porsche's German media site, which means that they are A) copyright-free and B) scanned with the kind of Brucelike teutonic precision rarely seen on the non-Porsche Internet.

Below, in vivid color, is over five decades of motorsport history, arranged in chronological order. We can't get enough of this stuff, and maybe you feel the same way. Enjoy!

(Note: When enlarged, each image is 1600 pixels wide. If you want to save the high-res version, right-click the "Full Size" link at the bottom.)


Jonathan Harper

Is there anywhere to order large print sets of these?

I want, oh so bad.