The 24 Hours Of LeMons New England 2009 Über Gallery

No, we haven't forgotten to do the traditional ÜG for the most recent LeMons race- we're just limping across the finish line in the manner of a Lancia Scorpion with 6 burned valves.

Speaking of the Lancia Scorpion, when is someone going to enter one in a LeMons race? What's it gonna take to get this fine race car out there, going toe-to-toe with the E30s and Miatas? OK, you know the drill: click on one of the thumbnails below to jump to one of the five Über Gallery sections.
Thanks to Nick Pon, Blake Rong, Jim Brennan, Terry Shea, WTIC Fox 61, Andy Wallwhore, Ron Vickers, and The Knights Who Say Ni-ssan for the photos!


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