The 24 Hours Of LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza Über Gallery!

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Here we are with another 24 Hours Of LeMons Über Gallery, with photographs of every single entrant that managed to get some laps done before spitting connecting rods in all directions.


I think this is going to be the last-ever Über Gallery using this format, because the increasing popularity of the race means the number of cars becomes overwhelming when it comes time for me to organize photographs. Don't worry, race fans, I'll come up with some other way of sharing the photos of the action by the time we go to Houston.

I shot some of the photos here myself, but most of what you'll be seeing comes to us courtesy of the Mad_Science family, who converged on Thunderhill from all parts of the state and worked their asses off doing race photography while I tried- and failed- to juggle attempts to help my team, inspect cars, and do the live-event coverage thing. Mad Science Senior's shots may be seen here, while Mad Science's are here. Mad Science's brother, Insane Science, doesn't seem to have a Flickr page, but he was responsible for many of the fine photographs you'll be seeing here.

You'll also want to check out LeMons Supreme Court Justice Lieberman's coverage, particularly his 20 Coolest Cars Of The Arse Freeze-A-Palooza piece, and when you're done there you can head over to Autoblog to peruse the work of LeMons veteran and rabid fan Damon Lavrinc.

And, of course, you'll need to examine the Über Galleries of past LeMons races- preferably on The Man's clock- and they're just a click away: LeMons Yeehaw It's Texas '08, LeMons Detroit-ish '08, LeMons New England '08, LeMons South '08, LeMons San Francisco '08, LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza '07, and LeMons San Francisco '07.

Because of the vast number of entrants at Thunderhill- over 100- the Gawker Server Hamsters would go into convulsions and keel over dead in their little wheels if I tried to put all the galleries in one big post, and then I'd have a bunch of thugs roll up in the Gawker Enforcermobile to break my kneecaps with bumper jacks. We don't want that, so I've broken the ÜG into hamster-friendly sections based on car make; just click on the appropriate image below to jump to the sub-Über Gallery of your choice. Yes, Mopar fans, the Triumphs outnumbered the Chrysler products at this race- you'd better start preparing some Caravelle Turbos and 360-powered Darts for future events!


Rob Emslie

Those Scirocco flambe shots are dramatic. And a lot of folks will shed a tear over the Alfas since those are pretty rare in most parts.

Great photos, as always Murilee. I'm looking forward to Buttonwillow in August. Well, looking forward to the race, not really looking forward to 110° Buttonwillow in August.