Here Are Pictures Of The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E's Unusual Door Handle And Frunk [Updated]

Previously leaked Ford screenshot, cropped by Jalopnik
Previously leaked Ford screenshot, cropped by Jalopnik
Image: Ford

Press photos always make a car look prettier than it really is. They’re taken from all the optimal angles, with just the right lighting, and they likely go through a lot of post-processing. So if you want to know what the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E looks like in real life, you’ll want to check out this not-particularly-glamorous leaked photo. Update: We now have photos of the unique door handle and frunk!


On Thursday, Jalopnik published official Ford press images of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. The car looks pretty, with the wheels always turned at just the right angle and the light glistening ever so subtly on the car’s glass and sheet metal.

But what I want to see is how the car looks in photos not taken and edited by a professional, which is why this picture posted onto the Ford Mach E Club forum is so enlightening. The car is just sitting in what looks like a studio, with a white background and not a whole lot else to speak of. Its wheels are turned straight, and the general photo quality looks OK, at best.

Update Nov. 16, 2019 10:50 p.m. ET: A representative from MachE Forum just sent us lots of new leaked photos (which include the one shown on the Ford Mach E Club forum), including images depicting the door handle that so many folks have been wondering about. It does exist! It just appears to be a tiny black wing at the base of the B-pillar. The new photos also show the sizable front trunk, and a decent rear cargo area. Looks spacious! We don’t know much about where these pictures come from, though an “AD” watermark, which I don’t immediately recognize, adorns the tops of the images.

I don’t know anything about the car in the image. Nor do I know much about the picture—who took it, when they took it, or where they took it—but The Breaking News Team at VerticalScope, Inc., which owns the Mach E Club forum, notified Jalopnik of its existence. We’ll keep trying to figure out the image’s provenance and will update this post if we do.

Even in the unspectacular photo, the Mach-E looks pretty good, especially for a crossover. The hood and roofline look aggressive, and the front end does give off some Mustang vibes while maintaining a distinct look.

It seems like Ford did a nice job on the design. Expect to see a lot more non-press images tomorrow when the car debuts.

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Jalopnik pre-Nov 2019: blobby crossovers are rote design and dumb for many practical reasons, just get a sedan or hatch ffs. Also the Eclipse Cross is the worst naming convention ever, let’s hope it doesn’t start a trend.

Jalopnik post-Nov 2019 apparently: well this one is called a Mustang you see, so it is an enthusiast’s car that isn’t cynically named at all, and it is our friend and can be your friend too. The styling is good and your eye twitching is quite natural actually.

I personally do not expect this thing to last five model years. I seriously don’t know who the potential market for this thing is except for maybe old men with titanium hips and even then it seems like a stretch. If it helps to have less coverage of this thing, give me more autoplay video ads.