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If you’re thinking about a Ford Mustang, then you’ve already found your god. You can choose either the V8 or the four-cylinder EcoBoost version—and don’t fret because there is absolutely no shame in the four-banger, especially now there’s the 2.3L High Performance Package. It’ll just cost you an extra $5,000.


CarsDirect recently got a look at a Mustang order guide and learned that the 2.3L High Performance Package will start at $4,995, which means that the price of the 2020 EcoBoost fastback coupe with the package will be $32,760 (including destination).


From the rest of the story’s findings:

The new Handling Package adds $1,995, but with a required equipment package (Equipment Group 101A), cars with both will start at $36,755. The optional 10-speed automatic adds $1,595.

A Ford spokesperson confirmed CarsDirect’s numbers.

As a reminder, the Performance Package gets you an extra 20 horsepower to make 330 HP thanks to a high-performance cylinder head, a bigger twin-scroll compressor and a larger radiator. Torque remains unchanged at 350 lb-ft.


You also get stuff from the GT Performance Package like bigger front brakes, brake cooling ramps, a strut tower brace, a shorter rear axle, a spoiler and 19-inch aluminum wheels.

The optional Handling Pack, according to CarsDirect, also means you get a set of Pirelli P Zero tires, a rear sway bar and the MagneRide damping system.


Would you pay $5,000 for this stuff? Or would you try to save a little bit and perform the modifications yourself? Maybe you’re the type of person to just say screw it and let the dealer install all the go-faster bits so you don’t have the headache of dealing with it.

Personally, five grand seems a bit high for what amounts to 20 extra horsepower. You probably wouldn’t even really feel the difference. I bet you could chip-tune it to make more power for a lot less.


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