Ford is celebrating its announcement of continuing production of its supercar by another 350 units with this, the 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series, which drops some weight, adds some carbony visual flair, but doesn’t go quite as hardcore as the spartan GT Competition model.

Where the Ford GT Competition shaved weight by dropping just about everything considered a luxury on the car, the new Carbon Series will lose the cupholders and a driver’s side cargo bin but keep the radio, SYNC infotainment system and, most importantly, the air conditioning.

While that may seem like a silly compromise for something claiming to be a lightweight model, the new Carbon Series still loses 40 pounds over the standard car, making it the lightest Ford GT you can get.

Other light-ifying bits include carbon fiber wheels, titanium lugnuts and a titanium exhaust, and a polycarbonate rear hatch door with more venting to remove some extra material. There’s also more carbon fiber littered throughout the body than any previous GT special edition, with the carbon fiber exposed more on the A-pillars and rocker panels.


The two strips running down the middle of the car are also exposed carbon fiber, and buyers have the choice of silver, blue, orange or red accent colors for the middle stripe, door mirrors, and bespoke interior accents.

Ford didn’t release any updated performance specs for its GT on a humble diet, nor a price, but I imagine this car is more about feeling faster and more exciting because you have your thermos in your lap instead of the cupholders you likely paid more not to have. It also claims it can only build one of these special editions a week, and you still have to go through its application process, so good luck.