So Another 350 Ford GTs Are on the Way

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The Ford GT made headlines two years ago, not only because of its surprise unveiling, but also because you had to go through Ford’s selective application process to even be allowed to buy one. I guess if you missed out on the first 1,000 GTs, then you’ll get another chance at the new ones Ford is planning to build.


Ford announced today that it’s building another 350 GTs for the 2019 model year (because their popularity was “unprecedented”). The application window will be reopened on Nov. 8 for 30 days. You can submit yours here.

And Ford will also allegedly increase the price of the car, according to Road & Track:

The MSRP for the first GTs built was around $450,000, but Ford told us it’ll increase to around $500,000 for the 2019 model year. When pushed, Ford wouldn’t reveal an exact MSRP—just an estimate.

GT production was originally set to end in October 2020, but various setbacks pushed that date out further. With 350 more cars being built, Ford said GT production might continue into 2022.

When Ford first announced the GT, it said that it would only build 500. Then it added another 500 and now it’s adding 350 more, bringing the current total to 1,350 cars.

This is why when an automaker says that it’ll only build XYZ number of Super Exclusive Car Model Stradales, you don’t always have to take their word for it. It’s not like the cars are made from some precious natural resource that’s rapidly being depleted—the plant can just produce some more, most ideally when people with deep enough pockets come by.

Why don’t they just keep re-selling John Cena’s Ford GT? That thing makes enough money by itself. It’s generated the GDP of a small country at this point.

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I hate to get all legal and all but isn’t this a sort of bait and switch, or some other legal term, if Ford says they will only build 500 GTs but end up building 1350 GTs. It’s 2.7 times less special now.