The 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA And BRZ TS Are So Expensive Oh My God

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Okay, so, special edition cars: they’re guaranteed to be more expensive and exclusive. Look no further than the Porsche 911 R and the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup to see my point. I was expecting some markup on the 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA and the BRZ tS, but I still balked after seeing the prices.

The Type RA has an increased power output to 310 horses due to a new cold air intake, high flow performance exhaust and stronger pistons. It has a six-speed manual with a revised third gear ratio and a short-throw shifter. Plus, it lost some weight. It has an upgraded suspension system and silver-painted brake calipers. There will only be 500 made. And they will set you back $48,995, plus $860 for destination and delivery.


A WRX STI with the Limited trim costs just under $41,000.

The BRZ tS has a re-tuned suspension system, 18-inch wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, better brakes and will come in blue, black or white. There will only be 500 made as well. It will cost $33,495, whereas a BRZ Limited comes to $27,645.


That’s nearly $50,000 for a WRX STI! That’s a lot of money! Although, if it makes you feel any better, I have a suspicion that 310 HP is underrated. Whoever has $50,000 to burn should buy one and figure out how much power it actually has.