The 2016 Mazda Miata Will Cost $24,915

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The 2016 Mazda Miata, the newer, lighter, sexier, and better-er version of the classic roadster. And today on Live With Kelly And Michael (don't ask why I'm watching that) the price was announced as $24,915. Not too bad.

Of course, that's the base price of our new automotive savior, which means it'll be the stripped down version without the nav and other pricey features. Basically, it'll be the perfectly equipped Miata.


What you are getting is a 155 horsepower Skyactiv engine and a car that has lost 150 pounds to get down to a sprightly 2,332 pounds. Lookin' good, Miata.

Now we just need to drive it. And soon.

Update: $24,950 doesn't include destination, so the price will end up being $25,735 according to Automobile. Also, an earlier version of this story said that the car would cost $24,950. I blame Kelly Ripa laughing and my closed captioning not understanding their voices.


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I hate to be the one to say this, but at 13.8lb/hp the 2015 FRS has a better power to weight ratio and costs the same. I prefer the Miata personally, but what is Mazda offering that others aren't here? The power needs to be ever so slightly higher - in the 175hp/170lb/ft range to really entice me. It's not about needing the fastest car here, I really get that (it's why I love the Miata) but would a bit more power ruin the balance of the car? I don't think so.