After one of the most secretive build-ups of recent automotive history, the 2016 Mazda Miata has finally leaked. Here it is in all of its roadster glory.

This is the fourth generation of the Miata, dubbed the ND. The big promise is that this car will be lighter than its predecessor. We don't have a confirmed figure, but Mazda claims over 100 kilos (220lbs).

Let's put that figure in context:

NA - 2,070 lbs

NB - 2,348 lbs

NC - 2,447 lbs

ND - Something in the neighborhood of 2,200 lbs


How exactly Mazda got the weight down is a bit of a mystery, all hidden under the blanket term of 'Skyactiv.' Mazda has denied that there's lots of aluminum used to drop the weight. All I can say is that the NC generation famously trimmed 84 grams out of the rear-view mirror to keep weight down. I suspect the ND has all sorts of tiny drops all over the structure of the car.

There will also be updated smart phone integration of some kind.


Oh, and the interior looks pretty nice, no?

Mazda also put out these schematic shots. Looks like the engine is squarely and wholly behind the front axle. Prepare yourself for arguments about what constitutes 'mid engine' with your friends.


Four lug wheels are very much confirmed.


Make that double confirmed.

As you can see in the way back of this picture, here's what the car looks like with the top up. And (bonus!) in white.


Here's a much clearer press shot of that fabric roof.


Here is the closest we have to real specs for the car ‚ÄĒ a chart of JDM "development targets."

Body type:Roadster
Seating Capacity:2 persons
Length:154.1" (3915mm)
Width:68.1" (1730mm)
Height:48.62" (1235mm)
Wheelbase:91.1" (2315mm)
Engine:SKYACTIV-G direct-injection gasoline engine
Transmissions:SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual
Front suspension:Double wishbone
Rear suspension:Multilink
Steering:Electric Power Assisted Rack & Pinion Steering (EPAS)
Brakes (front/rear):Ventilated discs / Solid discs

Again, these may not be exact for the Japanese market, and they definitely won't be exact for the rest of the world.


Now that it's out, what do you think of it?