Are you ballin’ on a budget? Looking for a new ride? Consider checking out the new budget 2016 Chevrolet Camaro - you can get it on the low low. The V8’s more expensive, naturally.

Autobots, roll out the deals, because according to a Chevy press release you can find at Autoblog, the brand new Camaro with the reasonably exciting 275 hp 2.0 liter four-cylinder and 295 lb-ft of torque is only going to set you back $26,695. That’s $305 cheaper than the outgoing model with a similar trim package, including the $995 destination charge!


Neat, but here’s the real thing we all care about: the V8 SS. That now starts at $37,295 for the base 1SS model. That’s a fairly hefty jump from $34,500 for that model on the outgoing 2015 model, but you are getting more stuff here.

It’s also, it must be noted, a lot more expensive than the base V8 Mustang GT, which starts at $32,925.

All trims come with goodies like dynamic driving modes for when starting the car just isn’t enough, automatic climate-control to keep you cool so you can focus on heating up those stickies at the corners, a backup camera so you don’t have to worry about spotting that mailbox through the mailbox-sized rear window, and Apple CarPlay (edit: Android Auto was announced earlier, but not included in this press release - expect it to be available on later 2016 models).


Pay a little more for an RS and get a little more power along with LED lights at the back, HID too-bright lights at the front, a strip of plastic on the trunk that puts the forces down, a fancier grille for a fancier face, and 20 inch wheels the size of satellite dishes on a car bigger than actual satellites.

The new super-sexy SS model comes with a choice - the cheaper 1SS gets Brembo brakes, bro, transmission and differential coolers, with that differential being the limited-slip type on the manuals.


The more expensive SS comes with wireless phone charging, seats that are ventilated to cool and heat, a Bose stereo setup for your sick beats, and a whole bunch of safety stuff like Side-Blind-Zone alert with Lane Change Alert and rear cross-traffic alert. The car also looks more aggressive, and you still have the option to pay even more for dual-mode exhaust and oh-so-sweet Magnetic Ride Control.

Meanwhile the new ‘Stang starts at $24,425 for the V6, the EcoBoost at $25,995 - consider giving that a looksy before settling on a deal.


If you want to try and snag a 2015 Camaro and you need help crafting, we’ve got a handy little Buyer’s Guide ready and waiting.


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