The 2015 Ford Mustang Will Debut On Dec. 5 If It's Not Leaked First

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Even though we all more or less know what the 2015 Ford Mustang will look like thanks to the billions of spy shots, fan images and renders out there, Ford announced today that we'll see the real thing on Dec. 5. Unless someone leaks it first.

Does that sound like a call for someone out there to leak it to Jalopnik? You bet it does. If you get photos of the lighter, faster, independent rear suspension-er Mustang before anyone else, send it our way for infinite Internet glory.

As the website Mustang6G notes, the Dec. 5 reveal date was uncovered in the description for this YouTube video that asks Mustang owners to share their stories using the #MustangInspires hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. They say they'll be taking the cover off the new car just two weeks from now.


We can't wait to see it, even though we kind of have already. The question now is who will get it first?

Image: Joe LaColla, used with permission.

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It's going to look like this, obviously: