If you're American, you can have the bite-sized BMW 2-Series in about three months when the M235i and 228i make their respective debuts. And the M235i is part of BMW's plan for world domination with the M series.

We've seen the M3 and M4 already, and they were unveiled alongside both the 2-series just now at the Detroit show. BMW says more and more Americans are buying M versions so it makes sense to expand the line. They also say they're not going to be like Mercedes and AMG everything; they're going to be a little more selective.

The 2's are nicely proportioned but the engines are clearly different. The 228i has a 2.0L 4-cyl. that gets out 245hp with the help of BMW's TwinPower Turbo: A TwinScroll supercharger and direct fuel injection. Two automatic transmissions are available: An 8-speed or an auto with paddle shifters and launch control.


The M235i comes with a 3.0L straight-six that gets out 326hp with the same TwinPower in the 228. It's not quite the 355hp you can get from a Mercedes CLA45 AMG, but it'll scoot nonetheless. A new, six-speed manual is standard but an auto with paddle shifters is available.

BMW hasn't told us how much they weigh or how much they cost, but we can still expect something under $50,000 for the M235i and around the $30s for the 228i.


Photo Credit: AP