The 1997 Dodge Ram Proves That Honest Pickups Are Dead And Gone

Big pickup trucks used to be plain, unrefined, tools for work and nothing more. They were like shovels, on wheels. Now new trucks are bulgy, muscular, testosterone-mobiles. When did everything change? Take a look at this 1997 Dodge Ram and you'll see.


It's another installment from Regular Car Reviews, which is becoming one of the consistently best car review channels online.

Why is that? Because nobody else makes it clear how Dodge found a hole in the pickup truck market in the '90s by appealing to that scared, 'I must never show weakness' middle schooler in all of us. And that's when everything went downhill, and that's why new pickups look so steroidal.

At least that's what Regular Car Reviews is saying. Is he wrong?

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Because Bro Trucks. Nobody buys big trucks for actual use anymore. Nobody offroads them, hauls with them. Newer trucks are catered to the current generation of truck drivers. Which really just need to over compensate but cannot live without life's necessities. Like 18 directional airbags and Stability management, don't forget power locks and power windows. Don't forget modern America finds driving a Manual transmission "too hard"