The 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang Is Coming Back Again With A Carbon Fiber Body

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Classic Restorations has been turning out officially-licensed Ford and Shelby American continuation cars and restorations for a long time. (They’re good.) Now, in collaboration with SpeedKore Performance Group, it’s turning out a carbon fiber-bodied fastback Mustang.


Classic Restorations’ cars cost a fortune, but I was lucky enough to drive one back in 2018 and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Just a great combination of modern responsiveness with classic vibes, an exceptionally characterful exhaust note, and one of the most satisfying manual transmissions I’d ever shifted.

It was everything I’d dreamed an old-school Mustang with modern guts might feel like. Soon, you’ll be able to get one with a carbon-fiber body.

The company put out a press release with some details:

“Classic Recreations’ standard Shelby GT500CR starts with an original 1967 or 1968 Mustang body that is restored to like-new condition using hundreds of man-hours of labor. The carbon fiber GT500CR also begins with a restored donor steel tub that is then fitted with all-new carbon fiber body panels. Starting with a 3D digital model produced from SpeedKore’s blue light scan of an entire GT500CR body, a five-axis CNC machine cuts the molds, and then plugs and panels are pulled using aerospace-grade prepreg carbon fiber. The molded carbon fiber body panels are cured using a massive in-house autoclave. The result is the world’s first officially-licensed Shelby Mustang that is lighter and stronger than an all-steel body and has perfect carbon fiber weave alignment. The precisely manufactured, hypercar-quality carbon fiber bodies can be produced efficiently to exacting specifications.”

I reached out to Classic Restorations’ PR outfit and was told that at this point in the project, “SpeedKore has 3D-scanned a complete GT500CR and is currently in production making the first prototype” and the first vehicle is supposed to be finished in June.

If you’re keen to cop one, the carbon fiber body can be ordered with any of Classic Restorations’ GT500 models, except the Classic. It’s a $55,000 upgrade if you want it painted, or $60,000 for exposed weave.


The company’s pricing is right on its site. If you’re looking at a Shelby GT500CR 545, a 427-powered fastback, the starting list is $214,900. So looking at about $270,000 to get that in carbon. But you’re definitely not going to run into too many other carbon fiber classic Mustangs at the next cars and coffee gathering.

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For $270,000 you could buy 4 new GT350's and have enough money left over to rent a race track for 1 weekend a year for the next several years for an annual racing party.