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That's Not Hawt: Paris Hilton Arrested For DUI, Claims "Fatigue"

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Late last night, Paris Hilton was pulled over and arrested by LAPD while "driving erratically" in Hollywood. An LAPD spokesperson claimed she "exhibited the symptoms of intoxication" and Hilton performed a field sobriety test, which she failed, leading to her arrest and subsequent charge with a DUI. Hilton's spokesperson, Elliot Mintz, went on to claim that police detected merely the California minimum B.A.C. level of 0.08%, and "[Hilton] was driving home from a celebrity appearance at a charity event where she only had one drink." When asked what happened to cause her erratic driving...


...Mintz claimed his celeb-whore of a client "spent the day shooting a music video and...[driving while looking drunk] was probably the result of an empty stomach and working all day and..." — wait for it — "...being fatigued." Ah, the good ol' "fatigue" excuse — works every time. No word on whether Hilton also verbally pummeled ociffers with anti-semitic slurs, or whether there were sexual favors offered — though if either happens, we'll be on it faster than Hilton on a bacardi and diet. [Hat tip to Zerin!

Paris Hilton charged with DUI [CNN]

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Everyone needs to get off Paris' back. Her countless hours of public works, volunteer efforts, non-profit fundraising and other general acts of social selflessness far out weigh the 1 time she decides to go out, party it up and drive home. It's not like she's EVER been seen doing this kind of thing before or has EVER had any kind of incident involving a motor-venicle. Seriously, just leave her alone.

Oh wait.


My bad.

I was thinking of someone else.