That Vlogger Who Got Rid Of His Tesla Because It Had Bald Tires Got A Tesla Model X

Remember over the weekend when you heard the deafening squelching sounds of thousands of eyeballs being rolled at once? That was thanks to this vlogger, who was getting rid of his Tesla Model S because the rear tires were completely bald. Well, good news! He’s now got a Tesla Model X!

In that last video, the vloggist, who runs a channel called What’s Inside Family, lamented about how wildly unsafe his Tesla Model S was, fishtailing and having no grip or control, which he attributed to the car being RWD.


He maintained RWD was the culprit as he pointed to the car’s rear tires, so worn and bald you could see the steel belts inside them.

Now, let’s be clear: the issues this guy was having are not related to the car being RWD, like millions and millions of other cars. The danger is from driving on bald tires.


Now, sure, RWD Teslas, being heavy and having a lot of torque, do tend to burn through tires pretty quickly. That still doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t expect safe handling when your tires are as slick and gripless as an aroused, lubed seal.

Anyway, our humble vloggoman has it in his head that AWD is the magic bullet, so we learned this:


Yep, he’s got a Model X now! All-wheels are driven, even more weight on everything, and I’m sure the Model X will magically never wear down tires, because of magic.

Sure, I’m happy his family now has a save electro-moto-coach to carry everyone around, but I do hope this guy actually read the comments on his video and maybe is realizing that, with new tires, that Model S would be just fine.


Really, though, I don’t think he gives a shit.

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