A Vlogger Is Getting Rid Of His Tesla Because It Needs New Tires

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I’m honestly baffled here. Can this guy really be this much of a dummy? It’s certainly possible he’s not, and just doing something insipid because he knows it’ll get views; if that’s the case, mission accomplished. I do have to admit, he sells the idiot angle very well in this video, so, props donated to him for really committing.

I’ve not heard of this YouTube channel, What’s Inside Family, but from what I can gather it’s a reasonably well-viewed channel that focuses on the act of cutting things open, occasionally, Tesla ownership, and the family associated with all these strangely mundane videos.

Let’s just focus on this most recent video, which you can watch here:

I figure with all the extra views we’ll be giving to this guy, we’ve bought ourselves the right to call him out for seeming to not understand that all the issues he says he’s having with the car are down to his incredibly bald tires.


When he points to the rear tires and says that you can see the ‘treads,’ I’m sure everyone watching this here simultaneously screamed out, “No, those are the steel belts! There is no tread left!”

The reason his car is fishtailing and oversteering and sliding around in the rain is because, duh, he’s driving on bald fucking tires. He doesn’t have to get rid of the car; he needs to spend, what, $800 and get a new set. In another video, he spent that much having his brake calipers painted red even though his wife, who’s the car’s primary driver, didn’t want that.


Look, I get the whole deal with deciding to video-logginate your entire life means that you have to take every event and make it a big deal, but, come on, this is inane.


I mean, the problems caused by bald tires are hardly some radical new thing brought into existence by super-modern electric cars like the Tesla. These issues have been around over a century.

You could exhume a 1903 Curved-Dash Olds driver who kicked it in 1906, zap life back into him with one of those bzzzt Jacob’s Ladder things, take him over to that Tesla, ask him why it’s handling like shit, and I’m pretty damn sure that reanimated Edwardian-era corpse could figure out the problem better than Dippy McCleancut there.


So, is the guy in on the joke, and just raking in that sweet, sweet YouTube click-cash? Maybe. If he is, he’s keeping in character in the comments, studiously ignoring all the comments telling him he just needs new tires, dummy, and responding to others with eye-rolling inanery:


Either way, this video is ridiculous, and I dearly hope there’s nobody watching this who thinks this is how the world works. If you’re driving your family around in a car with tires so bald they no longer grip the road, get new fucking tires. At the very least, take the car somewhere so they can tell you to get new fucking tires.

That’s it. No need to vlog; put safe tires on your damn car.

(Thanks to Bozi for tweeting this, which is where we saw it)