Tesla P85D Not Quite As Insane As Expected, Still Fastest Car CR Has Tested

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We here at Jalopnik can tell you how a car makes you feel. It can be fun, fast, slow, or sad. But if you want to get hard data and numbers, there’s no one better to turn to than Consumer Reports. So it’s probably a good thing that CR just data-ized what we felt – the Tesla Model S P85D is a damn fine automobile.

Alright, alright, so CR found that the P85D’s Insane Mode shot the car to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, rather than Tesla’s 3.1 seconds, but it’s not uncommon for manufacturer test results to be slightly different than other testing. And it’s still the fastest car CR has ever tested. (They buy their own cars, so they’re not really in the business of testing Koenigseggs and stuff.)

But they know what they’re talking about. CR has access to the vast resources that most publications can only dream of. Not only does it possess its own massive testing facility, complete with handling courses, a drag strip, an asphalt lake, and a suspension-testing component, but CR also just straight up buys every car it tests outright. And then it’s got a whole bunch of instrumental doo-hickeys to attach to the cars just to make everything is extremely precise.

Consumer Reports found that the P85D flew through the handling tests like a sports car, and was able to brake from highway speeds like a champ.


And there’s still ludicrous mode, which we experienced last week. And it is definitely, most certainly, very ludicrous. Stay tuned for that.

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But yet tesla still loses money on every one sold. I think were looking at the futures Tucker.