Terminator Motorcycles: First Up-Close Look

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The tech-loving guys at Wired have a whole slew of spoiler-filled images from the new Terminator 4 movie, Terminator: Salvation. Most interesting to us was the first up-close look at the "Terminator motorcycle" below.

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Feel free to check out the rest over at Wired, but be warned, there be spoilers ahead! [via Wired]

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Perhaps the world's highways weren't destroyed by nukes. These bikes would be great for that task. Unfortunately, once the going gets rough:

1) The ride height on the terminator bike is too low. I think the best bike to emulate would be a BMW R1200GS or a Suzuki V-Strom. Some heavy duty dual sport chassis.

2) Tires. Not suitable for heavy terrain, and rubber doesn't hold up too well against roads strewn with shrapnel.

3) The wheels... less empty space between the spokes, maybe a completely solid wheel would do better at shedding the human leg bones that might get stuck between the spokes.

I do like these things:

1) The motorcycle is probably electric powered, 2 wheel drive. I was wondering about the need for standard brakes, but it's not like a terminator needs to save fuel, as it runs off a reactor.

2)Articulation! Did you notice the 'spinal column'? Hopefully it has both vertical (up and down) and horizontal (like a snake) articulation. That would do wonders for its ability to move and stay stable.