When we asked you yesterday to identify popular car stereotypes, it went beyond the usual "panel van owners abduct children" nominations to an even stranger place. So, weirdos, here are you ten most obscure car owner stereotypes.


This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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(Photo Credit: Panoramio)

10.) All Saab Owners Are Left-Handed

Truthfulness: Surprisingly, this is almost completely true. Have you met a Saab owner who is right-handed?


Suggested by: Gino Camaro

9.) Half Of All New FJ Cruisers Are Owned By Middle-Aged Women

Truthfulness: Giving this an 80% because I know a middle-aged woman who drives an FJ Cruiser. Her husband drives a Highlander hybrid. I can't explain it, but there it is.


Suggested by: Fat Tire

8.) CTS-V Wagons Are Owned By Lottery-Winning Auto Journalists

Truthfulness: Not so much truthful as truthy, because it's a car designed mostly to appeal to the autojournalists who were begging for one. Will they actually sell any? Not to us. We don't have the cash. But if I win the lottery I'm buying one, no doubt.


Suggested by: Se7en_speed

(Photo Credit: Mike Levine)


7.) VW GTI Owners Are Young, Euro Trash-Wannabe, Trash-Talkers

Truthfulness: Have you been to Vortex?

Suggested by: Kangaru


6.) All 240 Owners Are Recreational Marijuana Users

Truthfulness: Not true. Some of us just love RWD wagons. I think the stereotype you're looking for is "entirely awesome individuals." That's true.

Suggested by: jbh111126


5.) All Porsche Owners Are Cheating Bastards

Truthfulness: Who told?

Suggested by: PunjabiPlaya


4.) Morris Marina Owners Are People Completely Lacking A Sense Of Humor

Truthfulness: I bet you no Marina owners even reply to this post, that's how humorless they are.

Suggested by: Hart88


3.) There Are No Stereotypes About Chrysler Drivers

Truthfulness: Sebring drivers have no sense, 300 drivers have never found a pair of rims too gaudy to buy, 300C SRT8 drivers race from every stoplight.

Suggested by: AngryPicard


2.) All Stratos Drivers Are Awesome

Truthfulness: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Suggested by: Gimmi Morgan

(Photo Credit: Spirited Drive)


1.) All El Camino Drivers Are Jalopnik Readers

Truthfulness: If they're not Jalops in reality, they're at least Jalops at heart.

Suggested by: Zagato