Ten Things You Want To See In The Car World In 2015

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We all know that a sporty Volvo coupe won't be coming as soon as this year or the next, but there are many other things we would like to see from carmakers in 2015.

10.) Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat


If BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and even Land Rover can build high-performace SUV, why couldn't Jeep do the same at a bargain price? The engine is ready...


Suggested By: PatBateman, Photo Credit: Jeep

9.) Lamborghini Asterion


When I was standing next to the Asterion in Paris, Lambo boss Stefan Winkelmann was happy to hear that I liked it. Unfortunately, he didn't, even if it makes more sense than the SUV they are working on.


Suggested By: I drive an Auto - Deal with it, Photo Credit: Lamborghini

8.) European Crate Engines


American carmakers sell all kinds of four and eight cylinder motors. We need them, now!

Suggested By: Uak42, Photo Credit: Pagani

7.) Gordon Murray's City Car


The 2016 Smart twins are not bad, but we would prefer to try and see what Gordon Murray's city car could do using Yamaha's engine technology.


Suggested By: Color-Commentary, Photo Credit: GMD

6.) Rear-Wheel Drive Alfa Romeos


With four doors. That's what people would actually buy. Alfa has to make a comeback, and make it a big one with some oversteer thrown in.

Suggested By: tapzz, Photo Credit: Alfa Romeo

5.) 25-Year Import Ban Lifted


It makes no sense an therefor should be erased immediately.


Suggested By: TxBrumski, Photo Credit: Land Rover

4.) A Tesla Under $50K


Yep, so, another premium car brand called BMW is already there. It's time for Tesla to catch up and reach more people.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Tesla

3.) Simplicity


Keeping a car simple with all of today's regulations and comfort-obsessed buyers in mind is more difficult than sending stuff into space. But Mazda has done it, and it will pay off in the long run.

Suggested By: davesaddiction, Photo Credit: Mazda

2.) Cheap Performance Cars


The Toyobaru twins need competition. Hell, we need them to have competition, because we need more cheap sports cars like them, right now! It's not impossible to do.

Suggested By: SWCR, Photo Credit: Kia

1.) Added Lightness


The coin has turned and everybody is shredding weight. That's fantastic, but we need more of that less.

Suggested By: Sly Jackal, Photo Credit: Subaru

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Top Photo Credit: Volvo