4.) Charade Circuit, Clermont-Ferrand

Suggested By: Scrogzilla crushes Tokyo aka Mister Scroggs

Why it's better: If you thought the Nürburgring was a twisty track, prepare to have your mind blown. This French track was so fast, winding, and narrow that in the four years that Formula One visited the track, the drivers chose to wear open-face helmets. Because they were afraid they'd get motion sickness and vomit. Yeah, it was that intense. It's not so much a race track as it is a torture chamber. I want my next car to be tuned at Clermont-Ferrand.


3.) Admiral Wilson Blvd. in Camden, New Jersey

Suggested By: Jstas

Why it's better: What we actually want is for our cars to be tuned where it counts – not at a smooth racetrack that rewards punitively harsh suspension, but something that can handle the potholes and other dramas of real road driving. And what dramas they are, as described by reader Jstas. Plenty of people singled out the fine state of New Jersey as a great place to find typical urban and suburban roads, but Jstas had one better:

From the crack addled hookers lining the street and the meth zombies wandering in to traffic, you can get some seriously surprising, come-from-nowhere kind of obstacles! Then there are the ones you don't see like the rogue gunfire or the clouds of noxious fumes from the scrapyards (they prefer to be called metal recyclers). It's like Grand Theft Auto in real life! Actually, no, more like "Crazy Taxi".

Race track tuning can make a car capable of handling the evasive maneuvers. However, with up to 8 lanes of traffic, traveling at 70 mph in a 45 zone, less than a car length off of each others bumpers, there isn't always time or space to dodge the next pothole looking to rip your lower control arms out and have them for lunch. My grandfather's old Buick soaked up that road without a problem and it was a menace in rush hour traffic asserting its weight and size at will. Something a Nissan GT-R could never do on that road.


Photo Credit: Google Maps


2.) Mt. Panorama

Suggested By: SennaMP4

Why it's better: There are plenty of reasons why taking your car to Bathurst for testing is the right thing to do, but in brief summary let me say: THIS IS A GEOLOGICAL ODDITY! From the monstrous elevation change to the confidence-proving turns, this is the place to test a car in the most dramatic style.


Photo Credit: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images


1.) Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track

Suggested By: ∞Gîmmî∞Sagaŋ∞ðm∞Drakeŋ∞

Why it's better: ∞Gîmmî∞Sagaŋ∞ðm∞Drakeŋ∞ knows a thing or two about testing cars, having worked in that madcap motorsports circus of Formula One. When he says that this may be the most advanced test track in the world, I put my general distaste for its owner, Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, to the side and bask in the other-worldy beauty of its high-traction paint striping. As car enthusiasts, we want to see more cars framed by these hypnotizing bands, and if the circuit makes life easy for you, you engineers, well, I guess that's a bonus.


Photo Credit: Gilles LEFEUVRE