Ten outrageous auto-themed Father's Day gifts

This Sunday is the one day a year when we can say thanks and give our dad a tie. Or, if you're a good offspring, one of these way cooler presents. They were suggested by you and are guaranteed to be cooler than whatever you had planned.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our Jalopnik summer feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

10.) Carbon Fiber Toilet Bowl

Suggested By: E34 Is An Underrated E30

Where To Get It: Headhunter Inc.

Price: $10,000+

Why Dad Will Love It: Sure, we've all seen carbon fiber toilet seats, but for the Dad who's a real racing fan, only an entire toilet bowl made of carbon fiber will do. It's like putting a carbon fiber shift knob in your car like a poser, or going all the way and getting a pair of carbon fiber racing seats. Go big or go home (and sit on boring porcelain).


Photo credit: Headhunter Inc.


9.) Ferrari Hasselblad H4D

Suggested By: Half the wheels - twice the fun

Where To Get It: Amazon

Price: $29,499 (plus $200 shipping)

Why Dad Will Love It: "Oh no," Dad said, flipping through his copy of the Robb Report, "Tom at the country club will certainly be getting one of those! I must beat him to it." Luckily for Dad, Father's Day was rapidly approaching. The Ferrari Hasselblad is for the Dad for whom a regular Hasselblad is just not good enough. It needs that little prancing pony, dab of red paint, and "1 of 499" badge to make it really special. And luckily for Dad, you were paying attention. Take that, Tom.


Photo credit: CarScoop


8.) Factory Five Kit

Suggested By: TheCarGuy4All

Where To Get It: Factory Five

Price: $19,990

Why Dad Will Love It: What could be better than some quality time with Dad underneath a half-finished Cobra replica in the garage? For the price of a way more boring already-built car, you and Dad can have a weekend project that's sure to keep you occupied for a few months putting it together and then keep you thrilled for years to come enjoying out on the open road. Every Dad, deep down, no matter how adamantly he may deny it, wants a Cobra.


Photo credit: The Horsepower Garage


7.) Hot Rod Grill

Suggested By: cdoggyd

Where To Get It: Hot Rod Grills

Price: $695

Why Dad Will Love It: I think it's genetically encoded into every Dad. The love of grilling is universal. So what Dad wouldn't love the combination of his two favorite things? I mean, sure, it's a perfectly normal-working grill but just look at it. That thing's awesome. Dad would be proud to get some burgers and dogs going with that machine.


Photo credit: The Most Funnest


6.) Six Speed Plunger

Suggested By: cobrajoe

Where To Get It: Summit Racing

Price: $39.95

Why Dad Will Love It: Dads are bathroom enthusiasts. Most of the time, the only way to get a little peace and quiet is to hole up in the bathroom with a good book or magazine, and pretend like Dad's got important things to take care of. So why not make those precious minutes even more comfortable? Remind Dad what it's like to spend time behind the wheel when he's spending time on the throne. Besides, pretty much anything made out of billet aluminum is cool.


Photo credit: GMFullsize.com


5.) Porsche 917 Chair

Suggested By: OneFastPuertoRican

Where To Get It: Inspired Design

Price: $6429.95

Why Dad Will Love It: Come on, it's a chair shaped like the front end of a 917, who wouldn't get excited about it? The 917 is available in either Gulf or Martini paint schemes, both of which are lovingly applied in England in nine coats. The chair itself is made of fiberglass, just like the real thing, and can be ordered with working headlights and taillights (also, just like the real thing). Good luck not driving everyone in the house crazy making race car noises whenever you sit in it, Dad.


Photo credit: Motorsport Retro


4.) Two-Decade-Old Corvette

Suggested By: ChiefPontiaxe

Where To Get It: eBay Motors

Price: $5,000 - $20,000

Why Dad Will Love It: Chief Pontiaxe, unfortunately, has already beat you to it. But fear not, there are plenty more Corvettes in the sea, as they say:

"For father's day 2005 I got my Dad, who loves cars but is too financially responsible to splurge on one, a 1996 red Corvette convertible like the one pictured here. Yeah it's not a half-mil, but he appreciated the gesture."


Photo credit: The Corvette Story


3.) Pocono Stock Car Experience

Suggested By: Fodder650

Where To Get It: Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway

Price: $202.50 - $838.50

Why Dad Will Love It: Sure, Skip Barber's cool and all, but it might not be everybody's cup of tea. (Has anyone ever likened the Skip Barber Racing School to a cup of tea?) Besides, sometimes you just want to take a big ol' American stock car out and feel the thunder. And if you order right now, they'll hook you up with a buy-one-get-one-free deal, so you can even get out on the track with Dad.


Photo credit: Inside Track News


2.) Bugatti Veyron 16-cylinder Engine Block Watch Winder

Suggested By: Spiegel

Where To Get It: Origintimes

Price: $115,000

Why Dad Will Love It: Each cylinder holds an electronic watch winder, all computer controlled, and a nice little pillow to put your wristwatch on. And of course, its manufacturers claim it to be the fastest automatic watch winder in the world. The price tag might be high, but compared to the next gift it's a bargain.


Photo credit: Privileged Club


1.) Luzzo Bespoke Bugatti Desk

Suggested By: Spiegel

Where To Get It: Luzzo Bespoke

Price: $240,000

Why Dad Will Love It: If you've got nearly a quarter of a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, and a Dad who likes overly ostentatious and very blue desks, may I direct your attention to the Luzzo Bespoke Bugatti desk. Its features include gears that resemble the Bugatti Type 57's carburetors that can adjust the desk's height and a Mac display that retracts into the desk when not in use. This thing is big, it's blue, it's got a radiator and exhaust headers, and may I repeat, it costs $240,000.


Photo Credit: New Launches

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