Ten Great Cars Named For Cities

Americans love naming cars after cities in Italy and Italians love naming their cars for cities in North America. With your geographical help we've identified ten of the best cars named for the world's great metropolises... and cities in Florida.


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10.) Auburn

Why It's Appropriate: The Auburn automobiles represented a city and a country on the verge of its greatest century. Inspired by the stately European style, the cars are somehow still energetically American.


The Mayor: Teddy Roosevelt

Suggested by: Batshitbox


9.) Ferrari 360 Modena

Why It's Appropriate: Modena's called the "city of engines" because of its long history of producing powerplants for automakers. The 360 Modena manages to squeeze up to 400 hp out of the 3.6-liter V8.


The Mayor: Enzo Ferrari, born in Modena

Suggested by: Jeb_Hoge


8.) Chevy Bel Air

Why It's Appropriate: The premium full-sized car for Chevrolet, it's a big car for a place with big money now filled with tiny women with even smaller dogs driving Bentleys.


The Mayor: Will Smith

Suggested by: Musslces_Marinara


7.) Lancia Montecarlo

Why It's Appropriate: How dare anyone name a Chevy after Monte Carlo. The wealthy little principality that's the sandbox of the rich, only Lancia can build a car named Montecarlo because only exceedingly wealthy people could afford to pay someone to keep it running. But not just any wealthy person, you'd need a wealthy Italian with taste.


The Mayor: Federico Fellini

Suggested by: Xander Crews

Photo Credit: NetCarShow


6.) Chrysler New Yorker

Why It's Appropriate: Big, brash, in-your-face, expensive, unnecessary, better than you, typically gray, not actually from New York.


The Mayor: Frank Sinatra

Suggested by: Tunsky


5.) Mercury Montego

Why It's Appropriate: Blue skies, blue water, luscious green vegetation and beautiful people. Montego Bay is just a little nicer than the rest of Jamaica, just like the Mercury Montego is just a little better than its Ford Twins.


The Mayor: Roger Moore

Suggested by: TacoTacoMMmm


4.) Maserati Indy

Why It's Appropriate: Maserati is a name more associated with women who married well and divorced better than racing these days, but for a while they were among the best. In honor of back-to-back victories at the Indy 500 in the 1930s the Italians built this beautiful, V8-powered four-seat sports car. It's a stunning tribute.


The Mayor: Wilbur Shaw

Suggested by: jaymcminn


3.) Ford Gran Torino

Why It's Appropriate: Because Americans can co-opt the names of any city in the world for their purposes. It's just our thing. Double points to the guy who pointed out the "Torino Talladega."


The Mayor: Clint Eastwood

Suggested by: Wildnotmild


2.) Alfa Romeo Montreal

Why It's Appropriate: "Does agree with the beauty of Montreal, and probably the sex life too. And the V8? Probably lives up to the drunk life of everyone in Montreal."


The Mayor: 70s Era Elliot Gould With Gold Chains

Suggested by: TheSlurpeeMan

Photo Credit: rud66


1.) Dodge Charger Daytona

Why It's Appropriate: Daytona's hard-packed sands made it the perfect place to birth NASCAR. Home to the Daytona International Speedway, it's a place for going fast. And what looks faster than a Dodge Charger Daytona?


The Mayor: Richard Petty

Suggested by: OA 5599

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