4.) Subaru Boxer

Suggested By: Bonhomme7h

Why it's ideal: A nice, small boxer engine out of a Subaru will do perfectly for your small apartment, and the whole horizontally-opposed cylinder thing will make for a great talking point.


At least when coffee tables are concerned, there's more to life than big V8s.


3.) BRM H16

Suggested By: obrienboys

Why it's ideal: This is a 1960s Formula One engine build out of two 1.5 liter V8s.
It was too complex to ever work on the racetrack and remains one of the strangest engines to ever find its way into a car.


Good luck finding one to stick in your living room, but when you do, you'll have the coolest table around.

Photo Credit: John Chapman


2.) Ferrari Flat-12

Suggested By: tonyola

Why it's ideal: Much like the Subaru engine, this boxer engine will be nice and flat, making it perfect for a big glass table.


The price may be high, but you're looking at a twelve cylinder engine from the finest car brand in the world. It's even a quirky engine used in Ferrari's top-line supercars of the ‘70s and ‘80s, so there isn't a person alive who won't be happy to see one.

Photo Credit: Ferrari


1.) Volkswagen W-engines

Suggested By: mustafaluigi

Why it's ideal: What you really want in an engine coffee table is cylinders. The more of them you get, the more wine and beer you can stick in your table.


The most compact way to raise your living room's cylinder count is with Volkswagen Automotive Group's W-type engines. If you just need something small, an ultra-compact VR6 will do. If you have the kind of money, you can find yourself a W12 out of a VW Phaeton (or a Bentley Continental, you snob), or even a W16 after your latest insurance scam doesn't pan out.


If it were our table, we would go for a W8 out of a Passat. It's got enough cylinders, it doesn't look like anything you'd expect it to, and it's not made out of unobtanium.

Photo Credit: VW